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Orff Music Trading Sdn Bhd warrants your new Kingsburg Piano against the damage in material and workmanship for 12 years from the date of purchase from an authorized Kingsburg dealer. If in any defection occur within the warranty period, our company or authorized representative will repair or replace the defected part for free of charge within an acceptable time period once the defection has been located and confirmed. The defected piano will be replace with an identical or equivalent piano if it  has been declared as irreplaceable from Kingsburg Piano company.

This warranty is subject to the following Terms & Condition

  1. This warranty does not apply to
    (a) tuning
    (b) routine maintenance
    (c) any piano which has been modified or altered (which the serial number has been tampered with or altered)
    (d) any damage through improper usage, accident, neglect or normal wear and tear.
  2.  This warranty does not cover damage resulting from
    (a) rough handling or transportation
    (b) fire
    (c) earthquake, flood, fumes or water pollution, convulsion of nature or act of Gods
    (d) water entry.
  3. Every piano is undergo strict inspection before export from our factory. Therefore, Kingsburg Piano company are not responsible for
    (a) the interior or exterior damage of the piano which are resulting from abuse, insufficient or improper service
    (b) destruction which caused by termites, borers, rats, cockroaches and moths
    (c) extreme exposure to dampness or dryness
    (d) extreme exposure to heat or cold
    (e) the rust on the string and metal parts of a piano shows that the instrument has been exposed to dampness
  4. Variable effects of atmospheric conditions are not included in this warranty as these are beyond our control. Therefore, it does not cover
    (a) veneer warpage
    (b) veneer lifting
    (c) lacquer checking
    (d) discoloration and soundboard cracking
  5. Repairs to this piano under the warranty will be free of charge. However, our company will not take any responsibility for damage caused during transit to and from us.
  6. This warranty is an exclusive right to protect the original purchaser and is not transferable. This warranty is invalid if the piano has been tuned, repaired or removed by any unauthorized person unless with the prior written consent by our company.
  7. If the counterfoil of this warranty card is not returned to our company within 14 days of the purchased date; or if this warranty card is altered or defaced in any manner whatoever, this warranty become void.

Care and Usage

The warranty contract does not apply to the following points:

  1. Insufficient or negligent maintenance concern or usage or repairs.
  2. Excessive abuse, neglect ion, misuse or alteration or caused damage by accident.
  3. Exposure of the piano to extreme temperatures or humidity or direct sunlight.

Information concerning your warranty

If you should have any questions concerning your warranty for your Kingsburg piano, please contact your authorized Kingsburg dealer.