About Company

Orff Music Trading located at Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Orff Music was founded as a music centre at Muar, Johor, Malaysia in year 1998. The founder, Mr Soon Siew Chong, is actively involve in music education, choir performance and music trading. Since year 2011, Orff Music Trading becomes the authorized Exclusive Distributor for Kingsburg Pianos in Malaysia and Singapore. And, the company is now grown to other states in Malaysia, Johor Bahru, Batu Pahat, and Kota Kinabalu.



Kingsburg Pianos is one of the top five piano production enterprises in China. It is one of the piano enterprises which providing the piano manufacture and assembly services. The design is based on the combination of German traditional art and the essence of modern top piano designer Mr Klaus Fenner. We mainly produce upright and grand pianos. We launched a high level KF series upright pianos and grand pianos upon KU and KG series in year 2012. We guarantee a high quality material and quality control in our production process. This ensure us a high reputation in China, USA, Thailand, Italy, Israel, Iran, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, Cyprus, Australia, Denmark, UK, Japan and Malaysia.

We are using high quality equipment and material for our piano production.
We imported
a) wood material drying equipment (from Italy),
b) cycle drying equipment (from Italy),
c) three-roll sanding equipment (from Italy),
d) multi-roll polishing equipment (from Italy),
e) seven-axis molding equipment (from Germany),
f) action processing equipment (from Japan),
g) sanding level equipment (from Japan)
h) spruce solid wood soundboard
i) solid wood keyboard
j) Africa ebony sharp key
k) Japanese and German white key
l) German Roslau steel string
m) German dehonit pin block
n) German Abel hammer
o) Japanese center pin and center pin felt
p) Korean paint
q) DETOA action and etc.


We are recognized under ISO9001 and ISO14001. We own eight proprietary intellectual property rights practical patent, and six appearance patent. Kingsburg appraised as the “Shandong province famous brand”, “Shandong province famous product”, and won many awards in China. Kingsburg Pianos is developing to “The Best Piano of China”. We will concentrate on the quality, technical improvement, and better customer service in building a “Colourful Timbre” Kingsburg brand.