Vice Artistic Director Sum Yee Samantha Wong, pianist

Born in Hong Kong. Sum Yee Samantha had been taking music education since she was 3.5 years old. Received the grade 8 at the age of 12.  In 2006, she received the LTCL diploma certificate, as well as the music foundation degree in UK with distinction. Samantha then moves to UK for professional music education in Goldsmith College, University of London. In 2009, she graduated from Goldsmiths College; and in 2010, she received offers for master degree from Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. In 2011, she received Jardine Matheson Scholarship for her last year of Master degree study; as well as rewarding the 2nd prize of The Ramsay Calder Debussy Prize for French chamber music with the Violinist Katrina Lee. She returned to Hong Kong after she graduated from Royal conservatoire of Scotland in 2012.
Since 2012, Samantha has been focus on early age childhood music education and been teaching for professional piano playing.  Samantha joined the pianist Christpher Baxter and Pianist Seho Lee for the chamber music Gala concert in Seoul in 2013, also as a guest pianist for ‘Fen and Kent duo concert’ in Singapore Esplanade Theatre. In 2015, Samantha and a Hong Kong based pianist Lucy Choi formed a piano duo group ‘Seht Leicht’ and held a concert in Hong Kong. Samantha has been active in chamber music tutoring and been working with kids for chamber music training for competitions and examinations. She recently travels to teach Masterclasses in Huzza Music Studio In Johor Malaysia.
In 2016, Samantha becomes a jury member of Kingsburg International Piano Competition. In 2018, she is chosen to be the Vice Artistic Director of the Kingsburg International Piano Competition.
Samantha has been taken tutoring under Mr. David Christopherson in Cambridge, Professor Paul Roberts in London and Miss Sinae Lee in Royal Conservatoire in Scotland. Now she is under taking professional training with Dr. Mary Wu, a renowned pianist in Hong Kong.